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Over time, social networks have gained great importance in the business sector due to the large number of users they have. Many companies, including manufacturers, have a presence in these media, but not all of them manage to achieve the expected results and in most cases social media marketing is considered a challenge for manufacturers. Now, although it may seem intimidating to engage people on social media, the reality is that if done in the right way, there are valuable benefits such as brand recognition, reputation management and lead generation.

Based on the above, to use social media effectively it is essential that manufacturing companies first focus their efforts on understanding and identifying the social platforms that best suit their target audience and the best way to use them, as that each platform brings unique benefits to manufacturers . Although there is a large number of social networks, the ones that are most relevant for manufacturers’ companies seeking to expand their digital marketing campaigns and reach their target audience are the following:

  • facebook

Facebook is one of the most used platforms worldwide, it houses more than 2.5 billion active users, which makes it an important commercial tool to achieve potential clients. It allows you to make all kinds of publications, from writings, photos, videos, even share links.

  • LinkedIn

This social network brings wonderful benefits to manufacturing companies as it is used by many professionals. A LinkedIn profile gives manufacturers the ability to network with influential brands for the company and to network with qualified professionals and industry experts.

  • YouTube

Today, YouTube represents a key medium to attract consumers. It has 1.9 billion users and allows you to create video content which have higher engagement rates than other content, especially in manufacturing industries because they can post customer testimonials, a tour of their facilities or show the manufacturing process of their products. In addition, YouTube acts as a search engine that, when properly optimized, allows the videos to be positioned when users search for related keywords.

  • Instagram

Instagram is classified as one of the most influential platforms in the manufacturing industry, since it is based on images and short videos that allow to show products or news of the industry and in this way attract a wide audience. This social network has notably increased its number of users, so it is possible to create advertising campaigns and achieve very good results.

  • Twitter

Although this social network only allows posts with a maximum of 140 characters, it offers the possibility for manufacturers to create short publications such as the launch of a product or contest that attracts a lot of traffic, share links to the blog, testimonials or YouTube channel of your industrial company. You can also use Twitter to learn about the social strategies of other industrial companies by following and encouraging them to follow you as well.

Finally, it is important to note that once the social platform capable of offering you the possibility of getting new customers and increasing your sales has been identified, to guarantee the success of your advertising campaigns you must actively interact with your users to foster new relationships and create valuable content that satisfies the needs of potential clients.

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