Experience the advantages of digitalisation and create effective usage of data

The Fraunhofer Innovation Platform is developing its Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) within the Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP).

The FIP’s ‘Shop Floor’, called the Advanced Manufacturing Center, will comprise different machines and demonstrators, visible and available to companies from the Netherlands and abroad. Companies can experience the advantages of digitalisation, testing their innovation and digitalisation concepts in a realistic environment before applying them on their shop floors. We recognise a need to develop structured/organised connections between real and virtual assets, with links to data systems such as PLM, ERP, CAD, etc., where machines on the shop floor and remote machines can be connected. Understanding how this data can be helpful in decision-making will make a noticeable difference to your business, resulting in improved production capacity, reduced costs and effective production planning.

The main priorities of the AMC Testbed are in demonstrating how to connect machines and visualise operational information, creating effective usage of data. Since machines and IT architectures vary widely it is important to undertake a viability study to develop a general framework for connecting machines at their location or remotely.

We can develop “What-If” scenarios, running different machines in a digital environment based on real and simulated data to create “Personalised Virtual Dashboards”. These can help companies understand their systems better, allowing them to plan for the future.

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Every FIP-AM@UT project is divided into seperate work packages, to clearly distinguish the several stages and purposes within the project. The AMC Testbed project consists of five work packages.


WP 1: Assessment

An audit to assess the current production technology


WP 2: Digital Platform

Besides the production technology, the digital platform will be analysed


WP 3: Connect

The physical technology and digital platform will be connected


WP 4: Utilise (What-if scenario)

A test scenario is set up by using the existing technology


WP 5: Visualise

The proposed solution will
be visualised

The AMC Testbed Team

Barry te Dorsthorst

Barry te Dorsthorst

Research Engineer

Cheng Guo

Cheng Guo

Research Engineer

Sebastian Thiede

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Thiede

Chair Professor Manufacturing Systems, University of Twente

Roy Damgrave

Dr. Roy Damgrave

Assistant Professor, University of Twente

Marcel Wilms

Marcel Wilms

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Fraunhofer IPT