The role of creativity in B2B marketing

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B2B marketing is often seen as a less glamorous sibling of B2C marketing. Traditionally, the B2B marketing process has been described as a comparatively dull affair, with the aim of getting a customer, who would have bought from them in the first place, to make a purchase. The focus on facts rather than emotional appeal with respect to business services has led to the belief that it does not demand the creativity needed for marketing to consumers.

As marketing becomes increasingly consumer-driven, it’s time for businesses to realize the benefits of creativity. Crucially, B2B firms need to understand that they are not selling to a business, but to the humans running it. And as humans, we know what appeals to us and what doesn’t. In this way, creativity in B2B marketing appeals to people’s emotional sensitivities. Further, including this level of social engagement helps establish a competitive advantage and a unique value proposition.

There are several ways for B2B businesses to leverage creative marketing. More and more companies are investing in creating brand stories to appeal to customers. Storytelling works because of our quest for knowledge, our inherent desire to learn about things relevant to us. Stories can engage audiences in a way that is surprising but simultaneously familiar to them. For example, a story about how their product has helped another firm improve their business practices, not only draws people in but is a testament to a B2B company’s product quality.

Another strategy, though commonly associated with the B2C space, is influencer marketing. This strategy is predicated on the notion that people are far more likely to take action based on
peer recommendations. Rather than selling to a large group of companies, you can pay key leaders to promote your product. For a B2B influencer marketing campaign to be successful, certain modifications need to be made to the general B2C model. It is essential to target the right leaders with deep industry knowledge who are capable of influencing corporate buyers.

Content hubs are also growing in popularity. Developing a content hub that provides customers information about you, your solutions to their challenges, your product updates, and even the opportunity to connect with other clients; especially works for customers who prefer to learn about your offerings on their own schedule.

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