Accelerating application-driven development in AM for manufacturers

How can I effectively implement Additive Manufacturing (AM) in my company? What products, services and processes would benefit from AM? For many companies, doubts occur because it can be difficult to integrate a new approach into an existing system. Additive Manufacturing’s multi-faceted design and process methods enable companies to identify and enable customised AM-based solutions that work for them.

The AMBITION project aims to demonstrate the tangible benefits of additive manufacturing to our industrial partners, specifically tailored to their business needs. The Fraunhofer Innovation Platform (FIP-AM@UT) works with the AMBITION partners to build working models that demonstrate how AM technologies may enable efficiency in part design and production that can be integrated into their systems. Knowledge transfer plays a pivotal role in this project. At each developmental stage, we have created a stimulating, interactive knowledge transfer environment for our industrial partners, ensuring wide dissemination of insights gained and comprehensive uptake of lessons learned.

Within the AMP, the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Twente develops innovation projects around manufacturing technology themes. Every AMP project is built around a solid industrial collaboration, empowering companies with relevant knowledge and new technological and industrial methodologies.

Industry partners

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Every FIP-AM@UT project is divided into seperate work packages, to clearly distinguish the several stages and purposes within the project. The AMBITION project consists of four work packages.


WP 1: Assessment

An audit to assess the current
production technology


WP 2: Knowledge Transfer

Training of the workforce about
the AM technique to be applied


WP 3: Design

The solution is designed
and engineered


WP 4: Manufacture

Manufacturing of the solution
and implementation

Lessons Learned

Learning occurs on all our industrial collaborations. We learn from our own experiences as well as the experiences of others. Sharing the lessons learned allows us to take advantage of best practices and innovative approaches. These are valuable assets that can be used to improve future projects and enhance industrial collaborations toward innovations.

Episode 1: Consortium of AM for manufacturing
These videos take you through the AM design principles and an overview of each of the designs

Episode 2: Stages of AMBITION
Florian Vandepoel, previously FIP-AM@UT/FPC@UT Research Engineer, will take you through the different project stages of AMBITION

Episode 3: Designing for AM
These videos take you through the AM design principles and an overview of each of the design

Episode 4: Printability and post processing
Learn how design impacts printability and post processing. Follow our journey to find out the issues we identified and how we overcame them.

Episode 5: The Result
We took you through the project journey, detailing the challenges and lessons we learned. Bring it together to gain additive manufacturing value for your business.

For more information on AMBITION, feel free to reach out to

Vincent Blokhuis

Vincent Blokhuis

Engineering Manager

Rainer Horstkotte

Rainer Horstkotte

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Fraunhofer IPT